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8/30 - Fall Events Program listed!

The leaves will soon be turning, get ready to jump into a pile of Fall events! See our events page and Register now!

5/18 - The Importance of Wolves

WGRZ 2 the Outdoors: The Importance of Wolves May 18, 7:30pm at UB’s Center for tomorrow, WGRZ’s 2 the Outdoors special presentation by Wilderness Educator, Joe Allen on the importance of wolves.

Nature: the Principal Teacher

Nature: the Principal Teacher

Standing among the pines, we were enveloped by the vast open space around us. Linear trunks plot a grid of our surroundings. As the wind blows in, the treetops dance in the gray sky above us, shaking down small droplets of rain. Jon speaks up, just barely audible above the swaying limbs: “Look up. Look around us. Think about the place we’re in.”  

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9/24/2016 - Autumn Birding

Saturday, September 24, 2016
Beaver Island State Park

Hiking around wetlands, woodlands and along the Niagara River with a focus on bird identification and ecology.

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