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We are proud to introduce "Earth Spirit Excursions". These adventures will take you beyond the WNY region to National Parks and Wilderness for an immersive experience in hiking, fishing, ecology, wildlife observation and photography and so much more!

Upcoming Excursions:

Land of Great Predators

August 14-24, 2018
Yellowstone National Park

Share the ecological legacy of predation by large megafauna in Yellowstone National Park.

Wilderness Experience Along the Continental Divide

August 1-11, 2018
Wind River Range, Wyoming

Backpacking adventures, fly fishing and field studies in the Rocky Mountain wilderness.

Winter Wildlife

December 8-17, 2018
Yellowstone National Park

Get ready for a wilderness trip like no other! Join us for an excursion to Yellowstone National Park as we observe Winter wildlife and ecology.


"Joe is an experienced outdoors person and a fun loving host. With his love for the beauty of nature and the knowledge to keep you safe, he is sure to make your trip the adventure of a lifetime."

Laura Menefee
Environmental Writer and Wildlife Educator

"Joe’s knowledge of Yellowstone, along with his contacts in the 'wolf reintroduction community' ensured that every day of our trip had highlights."

Peter Strasser
Megafauna and Predation in YNP